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Below is our extensive range of BPT door access systems.

The Targha entry system from BPT uses modularity and functionality with a contemporary design. Using anodized aluminium, Targha’s high-tech appearance effortlessly blends into the surroundings of any building. Installation is very easy, It is suitable wherever leaving the existing structures untouched is of paramount importance.

Created for the X1 2 wire system the Lithos panel has a sleek design and is housed in a neat box. Has the ability to be wall-mounted or recessed. Has an array of button options for entry.

Thangram has a very high-tech and distinctive design, slim lines, top end performance with a modular system that allows scope for many different designs. Its a new system that provides the ability to offer elegence and grace.
Vandal Resistant

BPT's vandal resistant range is one of the most popular systems available. Designed in the UK, the panels are built to exceptional standard, robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and hostile environments. It has the ability to be flush or surface mounted with plenty of customisable applications and specifications, its a brilliant entry panel to suit any system.

The newest BPT handset and monitor system Agata is both elegent and stylish. Taking over from the old Lynea system, it is easy to use and install and comes in a whole range of system both audio and video.

The Perla is a wall-mounted, fully duplexed system that offers both audio and video functionality. Its stunning design and low energy consumption makes the Perla one of the finest systems in the BPT range. It comes in ice white or fusion black to fit any internal environment.

The Opale is a very discreet yet stunning system. Featuring both audio and video options i nthe range, the Opale comes comes in both black and white sleek plastic, using the newest generation video control systems.

One of BPT's oldest systems that has sood the test of time. Updated throughout the years, the Nova offers durability, functionality and a range of colours to suit any internal environment.