//// Parking Systems ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Here is our range of parking systems.
Gard Range
  • This modern and stylish barrier is very aesthetically pleasing. It is perfect for any applicative setting.
  • It is durable and safe, with LED lighting provide visual security.
  • Photocells can be integrated onto the system.
  • The system has a protective casing to prevent shearing wehn opening/closing.
  • Ideal for intensive use as it you 24V motor.
PS One
  • The result of Came research, PS ONE exploits technology, creating devices with a "native" ETHERNET
  • This advanced system management offers the opportunity to configure an unlimited number of peripherals such as automatic pay stations, entry and exit units, openings for season ticket holders,
    pedestrian readers and manned pay stations.
  • All these devices, connected to the ETHERNET network with universal TCP/IP protocol, are managed via a central server, which allows the connection of all the devices necessary.
  • A modular solution, designed especially to satisfy the typical requirements of small, medium and large automated parking facilities. • Not only: connection to the ETHERNET network is very versatile because it uses optical fibres, WiFi connections or a combination of the two.